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Ottawa Competitive Volleyball League (OCVL). The OCVL is a not-for-profit competitive league that has been operating in the Ottawa area under different affiliations since the 1950's. There are three divisions in the league - Men's, Women's and Mixed. The Men's league plays on Monday nights, the Women's league on Tuesday nights and the Mixed league on Thursday nights. Teams must have 6 registered players on the court at all times which, in the Mixed Division, consists of either three men and three women, or two men and four women. 

The OCVL season is played over a 22 week schedule and is based on a ladder system. Teams admitted to the League are ranked numerically at the beginning of the season (through a combination of byes and the results of the Qualifying Tournaments) and subsequently "bracketed" into groups of 4 teams to begin regular season play. The regular season is divided into 2 week segments. Each week, teams play a best 3 of 5 set match, with team 1 playing team 2 and team 3 playing team 4 in Week 1 and the winners and losers of the 1 vs 2 and 3 vs 4 matches playing Week 2. The winner of the winners match in Week 2 subsequently moves up the ladder into the higher bracket and the loser of the losers match moves down to the lower bracket - the other two teams remain. Additional details and an example of how the system works are available through the OCVL ladder system link.  

Playoffs involving all teams are held at the end of the season, with playoff seedings based on average individual team rankings over the last 12 weeks of the season. All regular season and play-off matches are refereed by Ontario Volleyball Association (OVA) officials.  

Registration for the season (which runs from mid-September to April) is held in August of each year and is conducted through the OCVL website. League fees include the Qualifying Tournaments (held in mid to late September), regular season and playoff play, and a $150.00 team bond which is fully refundable if no team fines or infractions are incurred over the course of the season. 

The OCVL accepts team registrations only. However, it also maintains and updates a "Spares List" of individual players looking for teams, which is located in a secure area on our website. If you wish to register as a spare, you may do so by using the web form in the players area. Registering as a spare does not automatically guarantee inclusion onto a team; it does however provide team captains with a list of potential players that they may call upon over the course of the season. 

As per OCVL rules, an individual can play as a spare player on different teams as long as they do not play more than twice for the same team and they indicate that they are a spare on the official scoresheet. Once they play a third time for the SAME team, they MUST be placed on that team's roster and can no longer play for any other team in that division.  

Players that play for a team in the league qualifying tournament are committed to that team for the entire season.  

The above information covers many of the more frequently asked questions pertaining to the league. Should you require additional or more specific information please contact the applicable Division Coordinator, the League Administrator or e-mail info @ ocvl.com

  OCVL Rules

OCVL Rules

  OCVL Courts

The OCVL Plays at the following locations:

  • Ashbury College (Women's division)
  • La Cité Collégiale (All divisions)
  • Gabrielle Roy School (All divisions)
  • E.S. Gisèle-Lalonde (Men's division)
  • Heritage College (Mixed division)
  • Nepean Sportsplex (Women's and Mixed divisions)
  • The Ottawa Montessori School (All divisions)
  • Ottawa Technical High School (Mixed division)
  • Le Patro d'Ottawa (Men's division)
  • Redeemer Christian High School (Women's and Mixed divisions)
  • St. Daniel School (All divisions)
  • Woodroffe High School (Mixed division)
  • 31 Nadolny Sachs (Men's & Mixed division)

  OCVL Executive

President Rob Hall
Executive Director John Balsevicius
Secretary & League Advisor Jim Bowser
OCVL Email Address info @ ocvl.com
Web Page Contact webmaster @ ocvl.com
GST # 885092965RT

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